Rev. James E. Reiff - Pastor

Rev. James E. Reiff has been presiding over the church since March of 1991. As a Lutheran raised in the midwest after WWII, I have always believed that America is the greatest land on Earth, and that Christianity is the most powerful force on Earth. These two assumptions have guided my life and actions over the years. As an American I am duty bound to guide people from false political understandings such as communism that will enslave them in physical poverty; and as a Christian I am duty bound to guide people away from false understandings about the Spirit such as atheism that will enslave people into eternal disappointment and heartache. As a Lutheran pastor I am convinced that Christians must love each other and work together to overcome the many anti-Christian lies that are popping up in our culture today. My sermons, my studies, and my prayers at St. John’s are all guided by these concerns.

Barb Leichtfuss - Secretary

I have been a member of St. John’s since my marriage to Robert in 1976. I have played organ, piano and accompanied the choir. About 6 years ago I became the church secretary. I work part-time at church and part-time as an RN. Looking forward to retirement!

Fred Bergman - President

Diann Weich - Prayer Chain

A church or community member calls the prayer chain number with a request to pray for someone (it does not have to be a member of our church we pray for) and I call the first lady on the list. That lady passes it on and on until the last lady calls me that it has been completed. We just pass on the name of the person and a short thing of what we are praying for.

Cindy Nemitz - Sunday School Superintendent